Agents and Editors

Agents, editors, and publishers, welcome! I imagine you are curious as to why a page is labeled in your title. A Many Tale is my project, yes, but it is not my only project. If you haven't read our "ABOUT AMT" page, I will summarize it with a simple: I am a novelist, and this serial is all for meaningful practice. 

I have worked on multiple novels over the last few years. I did not attend University to study writing full time (and throw discus). Currently, I am revising a novel, drafting a couple of projects, and have completed--thus I am querying--a YA Epic Fantasy. 

Down below you can find queries for completed works, and quick pitches for works nearing completion. If you are in the industry and interested in one of the books currently not being queried (as it is not finished yet), I would be happy to share drafts, synopsis, and information regarding these works' timelines. 

If these queries interest you, I am always happy to provide Chapter samples and entire manuscripts. 

A Many Tale is a fair indication of my writing style, though I would consider it far "pulpier" than work I typically polish out. I work exclusively in fantasy (any style--and I have some weird stuff) at the moment. The timeline of publishing these stories weekly and coming up with smaller, episodic tales does indeed change my voice. I want A Many Tale to read like a magazine serial, not a novel.

Episodes 1, 3, and 7 (though it ends a small storyline and is not standalone) are in line with what I would describe as more my "proper voice". There are moments in these stories that are certainly indicative of my full-length work. Other stories will all have their moments, but thus far these are stories I am most proud of. Most of this is a playground. It's all for fun. 

The multiple genres and themes throughout AMT will also share the variety of settings and characters I am capable of writing. 


I do not intend on self publishing. I want traditional publication. A Many Tale is my way to bring something into the world without self publishing a novel.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the serial. And if you are interested in AMT on a larger level, would like information on my novels and series, or simply want to say hello, do not hesitate!

email me

call/text at 724-777-5458



110,000 words

Young Adult Epic Fantasy

A brash young sorceress named Elinore is horrified when her giant puppy is stolen by a phoenix. Ephram, Elinore’s impossibly responsible older brother, abandons his farming duties and pledges to ride alongside Elinore in pursuit. Soon, each sibling discovers that in rescuing the dog, they’re fulfilling both of their secret dreams of leaving home. With the guidance of a hermit sorcerer named Hernani, Ephram must face his passions and let go of his self-inflicted duties, while Elinore must confront her inadequacy and find value in the responsibility of training one’s talents by the aid of a magical (and nonmagical) mentor.


Strayed Away is a Young Adult Epic Fantasy novel, heavily inspired by the morality and whimsy of fairytales mashed with contemporary magic systems and modern worldbuilding. Also inspired by an encounter with my border collie puppy and an eagle (yes, it was terrifying).


Elinore, 16, and Ephram, 21, must balance admiration for one another’s virtues with discontent towards their own vices. Obstructions in the puppy rescue include many failed sorceries, giant spiders whose silk turns to glass in sunlight, and Silkweaver cultists whose songs are almost as deadly as their silken sorceries.

Strayed Away is entirely a standalone novel. Though it was written as a first book in a five-book series, a series which is fully outlined should interest remain, it works perfect as a solo. The sequel to Strayed Away, Black Ember, is also 40,000 words as a sample for the series trajectory and is readable at request. 

Violence reminiscent of Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and the Last Apprentice (Spook's) series. Appropriate for children who are comfortable with blood and honest violence. Darkness in this same vein. 

Fairytale inspired "portal" fantasy. Except the portal isn't from earth like in Oz, or Wonderland. Our characters just hop a fence. A "portal fantasy" injected into a epic fantasy world. 

Sibling love and respect based.


30-40,000 words

MG Fantasy Adventure

Second Revision

Carapace is the story of a group of isopods, or "Roly-Polies," as they adventure out into the forest floor searching for other species of their kind. The book will explore real science and taxonomy along with magic and mystery. 

Carapace will be ready to read in Spring 2022. Sample available upon request. 

Book 1 of anywhere from 5-10. Fully outlined series.


200,000-250,000 words

Epic Fantasy


Synopsis under wraps. Email me for any information. 

Will be completed between July and August 2022.

"Part One"edited clean and available upon request. 

Complete standalone.