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Events and Media

A•Many•Tale has been talked about and featured on numerous Youtube Channels, Podcasts, and blogs. Our story has traveled to events such as GenCon Indianapolis, Origins Game Fair, and Steel City ComicCon with the "Mouse in Backpack" rig and our enormous "Opaline vs Rahn" sculpture. Now, with physical product, AMT has exhibited at multiple events with both the rig and sculpture accompanying our online story. 

Below you will find a media list of interviews and other such instances. 

Support these channels, reviewers, podcasters, and the like! They've been incredible to the story and make all of this possible with their belief and faith. 


Enter the Dungeon

Enter the Dungeon, an fantastic D&D YouTube Channel, made an incredible video essay on A Many Tale's themes, storyline, and concept. We highly recommend watching his video. 

If you are wondering if you should read AMT, watch ETD's video. His dive into the first Episode is especially well done. Follow his channel and subscribe to support.

Jay's Tabletop Terrain
The FIRST Live AMT Reading


Here is the link to the amazing livestream over at Jay's Tabletop Terrain on Instagram, where we had the first live reading of any A Many Tale story with Episode 23. 

We talk terrain, crafting, and artistic value in DnD. Follow Jay for more amazing terrain tips, fun videos, and great livestream guests on Tuesdays!


Nerdarchy Live

We were lucky enough to run into Dave Friant of Nerdarchy fame at GenCon Indy 2021, and after a conversation regarding gaming and the mouse backpack, Dave was interested in AMT and kindly invited us on the Nerdarchy Live Chat!

We talk everything from Dungeons and Dragons, to Solo-RPGs, to the intersections of prose and TTRPGs. Check out the interview below!



Joe over at UNITY 151 is a writer, YouTuber, and science fiction lover. Here, we chat about the A Many Tale storyline, its conception, process, and other writing-related aspects of AMT.


Somebody Write This

We sit down with the ladies of Somebody Write This to talk A Many Tale's strange writing process, and then we do some improvisational storytelling together!


We take a guest spot on Andrew Girdwood's legendary Geek Native blog to talk Solo-RPGs, improvisational writing, and smoothing out your own Solo-RPG experience using story and character. 

Read now over at GEEK NATIVE's site.

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The Nerdy Narrative

The wonderful Lezlie Smith is reading A Many Tale week by week! Her youtube channel is full of exciting reviews and discussions, and we're so thrilled that she has jumped into Opaline's journey.

Catch all of her AMT reviews as part of her "Weekly Wrap-Ups" on Fridays.

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I Didn't Read Your
Book Podcast

We jump on Lutch's show to talk A Many Tale's influences, from animation to film and beyond. The process and future plans of AMT are all touched on in this fun interview. 


We jump on the You're Not My Father Podcast to discuss parental influence and guidance. We discuss more of A Many Tale's conception and the genesis of many AMT threads.

You're Not My Father


Media Inquiries

Media inquiries, whether they be blogs, reviews, interviews, or other creative interests are always welcome.


Please reach out

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