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Arc 1: WorldWalker is the beginning of Opaline's recitations, but far from the beginning of his story. We begin in his middle, of sorts, following his journey after the 55 years spent on a single world, and long after he lived his life as a regular mouse. 

Arc 1 is comprised of 50 online episodes along with 2 exclusive in-print Starter Stories. Most are episodic and standalone tales which slowly build out Opaline's character, flanked by miniature storylines which may take a few episodes to conclude. 

Arc 1 introduces us to Opaline's companions in this Curse to blip words: Agglomerates. Beings trapped in a liminal state between realms and universe whose madness takes the form of collections. Each Agglomerate, to hold onto their mortal sanity, takes to collecting pieces of material across the cosmos to maintain a sense of self. Some collect entire rooms locked in tattoos on their skin, some collect sketches of animals to bring to life, others collect spoons or instruments or teeth. Some even take to collecting suns, or skyscrapers. 

Arc 1 concluded November 2022 and the overarching story of Opaline has been changed dramatically. What began as a sketchbook for writing has graduated into a true long-form narrative. 

Arc 2 has begun as of June 1st 2023. In vein with AMT constantly changing, each Arc may have its own flavor just as the Arc 1 episodes do. 



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