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Arc 1: WorldWalker is the beginning of Opaline's recitations, but far from the beginning of his story. We begin in his middle, of sorts, following his journey after the 55 years spent on a single world, and long after he lived his life as a regular mouse. 

This first Arc will introduce the Agglomerates--other beings like Opaline who are cursed to "blip" between worlds--as well as the major conflicts which will be maintained throughout the later arcs. 

This Arc will give a taste of what Opaline's typical life consists of. Some Episodes and storylines will be one-shot tales. Others will be spent with more time in a single world, some storylines lasting 3-5 episodes. 

The adjacent text includes a guide to our current storylines.



If you are lost on where to begin, or looking to slim down the experience to the important stories, then here is a quick pitch:

The first 3 episodes will introduce the concepts of AMT, along with Opaline's inner storyline. 

Episodes 4-7 follow 1-3 directly, and that storyline climaxes with the introduction of the major "players" and conflict of AMT in all.

Episodes 11-15 introduce major recurring characters and are Halloween-Horror themed. 

Most other Episodes, while fun stories in and of themselves, are not necessary. In the way Anime or Cartoons can be whittled down to the "important stuff," we will always post guides for people more interested in the overarching or necessary components.

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